The Wheels are Always Turning with Online Roulette Canada

What is a little wheel called in French? Most Canadians and avid casino players will have an easy time with that question. The answer, of course, is the name of one of the world’s most famous casino games; Roulette! There is no better place to enjoy it than with our very own local online Roulette Canada casino games. Read on to find out exactly what Casino Canada has to offer players in this review…

The best casinos to play online Roulette

Letting us loose on one of our Canadian online casino reviews is like letting kids loose to play in the park. When we’re conducting casino reviews, we’re in our happy place and really enjoy digging into all the nooks and casino crannies that are the features of online casino gambling. This time, we’re getting deep into the Casino online Roulette world to see what it has to offer. In this review, we are looking at everything from deposit bonuses to the new lands of bitcoin casinos. So without further ado, we delve into the spinning world of online Roulette gambling and see which sites come out tops:

Casino name Bonus Our ranking Link
jackpot city logo $1600 bonus

europa casino logo $2400 bonus

royal panda logo $1000 bonus

spin casino logo $1000 bonus

888 logo $1500 bonus

The best casino site to play online Roulette at right now is hands down Jackpot City. They are ranking high on every aspect we’re looking at in our Canadian online casino reviews. The casino has the deposit bonus we’re looking for, a great mobile casino, the right games to play plus a smooth pay-out process.

Do you have better odds of winning while playing Roulette online?

laptop with casino algorithm

To be honest, there is practically no difference between a real-life Roulette game and a computer-generated one in terms of odds. When playing online, the game uses a random number generator instead of the croupier and Roulette wheel combo. This ensures that the outcome is almost exactly the same, which is why the odds of playing online are not really different from playing in real life.

This is, however, one of the reasons why we think online Roulette is such a great online casino game. It mimics the real deal really well and gives us the same Monte Carlo Roulette odds from the very comfort of our own homes.

So, what do the odds look like? Well, Roulette offers many different betting options that vary the odds greatly depending on how players place their bets. A player can choose to put a bet on either a number, a combination of numbers, or a color. The highest possible chance a single bet has to win is roughly 46-48%, whilst the lowest chance of winning a single bet is around 2, 5%. This depends completely on how a bet is placed.

The Ultimate Online Roulette Strategies and Tips Guide

There are many stories about people beating casinos around the world with various predictions, equipment, betting systems, and so forth. In an online environment, using any software to track and predict the outcome is illegal and makes online casinos very upset. Using betting strategies, on the other hand, is very legal, but still makes online casinos upset. Since at least one out of two ways to change the odds are legal, we’re going to focus on that one.

Before we start, we need to give a little official disclaimer. There are no legal Roulette strategies that are 100% effective and will guarantee a win. If that was the case, casinos would no longer offer Roulette since it would financially ruin them in the long run. That being said, some strategies will definitely get better odds than others

illustration of good advices on the mobile

As certified gambling nerds, we can’t get into betting systems without mentioning the Martingale betting strategy. Players would bet on the low odds that give a 1:1 return, and for every loss, players double their bet. The idea is that as soon as a player wins, they will win back their losses plus the initial bet. In theory, it makes sense. In reality, players are likely to either hit the table’s max betting limit or run out of money before they win their money back.

Other strategies follow the same basic thought: increase the bets after every win or loss to eventually win the money back. The Martingale betting strategy is best suited for outside bets since the betting size increases very quickly. Other types of strategies are more suitable for inside bets when betting sizes are kept small and rely on hitting the Jackpot instead.

The bottom line of Roulette is that players can’t count cards like in Blackjack or Poker. Roulette is driven by chance, and it is that specific characteristic that keeps players coming back for more. Regardless of if we bet on lucky number 7 or stay away from unlucky number 13, ultimately no one knows where the ball is going to stop.  

The different types of online Roulette explained

The online casinos have made sure to offer players different variations of online Roulette with slightly different layouts and rules in order to keep players engaged. In most online casinos, players can find the three most common Roulette games: American, European, and French Roulette. We’ll go through all of them in a bit, but first: a quick history lesson.

The original Roulette came from France, which should not come as a surprise to anyone who speaks the language, since (as we’ve already covered) it is French for “little wheel”. The first version had pockets for the numbers 1-36, as well as two pockets for 0 and 00.  This is, strangely enough, not French or European Roulette in modern days. A wheel that features 0 and 00-pockets is now called American Roulette.

Roulette was quickly banned but lived on illegally and changed to a wheel with just a single 0-pocket. This type of wheel is today used in European and French Roulette. The rules and layout of the betting may differ a little bit between the two styles, but it’s like the difference between chocolate and vanilla ice cream – it’s subjective.

So, what is the difference we care about? Well, French and European Roulette has a lower house edge due to the single 0 pocket, whilst American Roulette is played with both a 0-slot as well as a 00-slot, giving the house a better edge. The betting options are basically the same for all of them, with the added option of being able to bet on the 00-slot in American Roulette.

Those are the 3 main types of Roulette, but there are a few other variants to check out when looking at Canadian casinos online. 2-ball Roulette is a popular variant of the European Roulette, but with tweaked pay-outs and an amazing 1300 to 1 jackpot a player can get if both balls end up on the same single number. Another one is the 100/1 Roulette, which has caught some ground on the online casino Canada scene. It’s an online Roulette version with 100 numbers instead of 37, which gives a 100 to 1 payout if a player manages to bet on the winning number.

Other variants of the wonderful online Roulette game can be found on many different online casino sites available to Canadians, but none of them are really well known enough for us to bring into this review article.

The best casinos to play European Roulette online in Canada

Alright, so it’s time to graciously lean over the virtual table and place a bet. Well, we wouldn’t want anyone to do that in any dodgy, back-alley, crooked online casino. That’s why we are here to guide the masses to better pay-outs in safe places and online Roulette gambling without having to interact with other people.

European Roulette is definitely our first choice since the house has the worst edge and we don’t have to dive into the rules of the French variant. It’s the most simple and straightforward type of gambling, which is why it was the favorite gambling type amongst the European elite.

When diving into online casinos in Canada in search of the best gambling conditions, we look at things like which site offers the best variations, what their welcome bonus looks like, if they offer any free spins, and what other players have to say about the casino.

Casino name Bonus Our ranking Link
jackpot city logo $1600 bonus

europa casino logo $2400 bonus

royal panda logo $1000 bonus

spin casino logo $1000 bonus

888 logo $1500 bonus

At the top of our official best online casinos list, we, once again, find Jackpot City. They offer all kinds of different Roulette types, with multi-wheel combos, live Roulette, and even free Roulette games. Free spins are not very common in and around the Roulette world and that’s why we’re really excited to see it in Jackpot City. Of course, a juicy deposit bonus is offered, which will keep those Roulette wheel spins coming for a long time. Their mobile site also operates very well.

Other honorable mentions of online Roulette casinos are Europa Casino, Royal Panda, Spin Casino, and the legendary 888Casino. All of them offer a nice welcome bonus, a nice selection of Roulette variations, and decent mobile gameplay options.

Which Casinos offer the best online Roulette bonus?

a gift full of money from casinos

Now we’re going to sound like Negative Nellies, but since players can place bets that have a 48% chance to win at online Roulette games, any online casino bonus is usually crap in relation to our spinning wheels gameplay. Jackpot City has the best bonus out there at the moment, but the wagering requirements are what makes us sigh in disbelief. For most slots, the wagering requirements are 70x the bonus, but any bet placed on an online Roulette game only counts towards 8% of a playthrough. This means that for a $400 bonus, players need to win the equivalent of $350,000 in order to keep the money.

This is unfortunately how most casinos treat Roulette, which is a blessing in disguise. Since online casinos usually have high wagering requirements on online Roulette, that tells us that the RTP is going to be high. This in turn tells us that we have a good-to-fair chance to win some of that sweet real money from the casino game – with or without the bonuses.

So when it comes to the best Roulette bonuses out there, we really can’t say. Most online bonuses look great on paper but when it comes down to the fine print we’re usually disappointed. That’s why we tend to go for either the real money spins and see if we can hit a jackpot, or the free spins to just have a good time. Ultimately, the bonuses are, well, bonuses. No more no less. But judging by the bonuses in general, we composed this list for anyone who wants to have a quick look and overview at where we find the best bonuses out there.

jackpot city logo $1600 bonus 5/5
kahuna logo $4000 bonus 4.5/5
europa casino logo $2400 bonus 4.5/5
spin casino logo $1000 bonus 4/5
betway logo $1750 bonus 4/5

What we need to remember is that Roulette favors the house and any bonus we can get our hands on will prolong the online gaming rather than give us a huge pay-out. Although it is our job to compile professional reviews for online casino players, it’s critical to note that we play for fun, not to get rich. And this is the right mindset to have when playing online in order to ensure that one does not find oneself in the throes of gambling addiction, chasing an elusive pot of gold at the end of the Roulette rainbow.

Is online Roulette gambling legal in Canada?

All types of Roulette are strictly illegal in Canada and anyone who attempts to place a bet or get any Roulette spins in will have to answer to the president. Or not.

Although it is not illegal for people to play in online casinos in Canada, operating a casino from within Canada is illegal. This is a strange set of laws and legal restrictions that confuses us a little bit since physical casinos in Canada are legal, but virtual ones are not. Canadians can still enjoy the online Roulette from offshore casinos, so there is no need to panic and go off the grid just yet. Save that for when the spouse finds out where the “mortgage” really goes. Jokes. Please gamble responsibly.

How to choose between online casino Roulette and live Roulette

The betting strategy is clutch and the deposit bonus is in the account. Now it’s time to pick up the mobile phone, give the online Roulette wheels some proper spins and see if we can hit the Jackpot and finally quit that horrible office job.

At the beginning of this whole Roulette-rambling article, we talked about the difference between real-life Roulette and online Roulette. Why do we need to bring that up in an article about online casino Roulette? Well, the reason is, of course, the amazing live Roulette options that so many online casinos offer their players these days.

The non-live online Roulette games will have the random number generator that mimics the real deal, whilst the live Roulette, on the other hand, IS the real deal. This is the chance a player has to interact with a live croupier and get a taste of what the best online casinos have to offer in terms of live entertainment. Now, we are people-people. This means we are people who like to hang out with other people. This is why the live Roulette suits us best.

With that being said, we recognize that some people need their alone time and might choose online gaming because of their social anxieties. This is why the choice between online casino Roulette and live Roulette is purely up to the person who wants to play. For mobile play, we do recommend the non-live version, though. It works way better and keeps with the casual touch of mobile gaming.

When we review the mechanics behind them, there really isn’t any difference between the odds they are offering players. This is why the choice between live Roulette and non-live Roulette needs to be based on what a player favors and enjoys the most: live dealer games to interact with or virtual spins that give players their peace and quiet.

What is live casino

Since the launch of the first online casino site, there has been something missing. The games were all great and the comfort of playing from one’s own homemade it easy to log on and start gambling with real money online – even whilst wearing pj’s. But the comfort of one’s own home can become a bit lonely too.

The solution to that problem was to bring in one of the crucial parts of the casino experience: live dealers. Nothing feels better than having a well-dressed person calling out the moves and bets on the screen, whilst players are sitting comfortably on their couch, sipping on a home-made cocktail. Live casinos are just that. We are great fans of the live casino concept because we make the best cocktails and would rather gamble in pj’s than full black-tie attire.

Live Roulette

The live Roulette tables are where we find our fun. Here, players are greeted by a dashing croupier that usually boasts a smile from ear to ear. The live dealers at the online Roulette tables are enough to lift any review (and reviewer’s mood) up a notch. It is that special something about a real person handling the game that just gives us a feeling of casino class and exclusivity.

The live game functions as a good hybrid of regular and online Roulette. All interaction from a player’s side is virtual, whilst the live dealer will chat and call out the actions in the game. Just keep to a big screen, since the small mobile screens don’t do the live Roulette much justice.

Is bitcoin an accepted form of payment at online Roulette?

Alright, online bitcoin casinos are a controversial topic. A lot of online casinos need to adhere to laws regarding money laundering, which means that the real money being put into the casino needs to be traceable to some extent. Bitcoin is the opposite of traceable. This is why a lot of online casinos don’t accept bitcoin as payments or pay-out.

There are online casino sites that accept bitcoins and work like any other online casino. A player just needs to register their account and deposit their bitcoins before their lucky Roulette spins can begin. The biggest negative side of using bitcoins in casinos is that the currency is extremely volatile and will change its value throughout a gaming session. The pros of using bitcoin are that it’s very fast to both deposit and withdraw with, making it a nice currency to use when patience is not a player’s strong suit. What most people need to remember is that even though bitcoin isn’t based in a specific country, it still needs to be taxed whenever someone withdraws their winnings.

Luckily, for any player that has bitcoins (legally acquired) and wants to spend them on those sweet Roulette games, there are a number of Canadian online casinos that will welcome them into the casino’s warmth. Among the top bitcoin casinos, we find, King Billy, bit Starz, and TrueFlip.

Explore more games apart from online Roulette to win more

Getting dizzy from all the spins of the online Roulette wheel? Fear not, there are a lot of other online casino games out there. One other major table game that everyone can play is Blackjack, or 21, as it’s also called. If that’s not a player’s preferred style, slots and slot games are always a good option.

Online Blackjack

When speaking of strategies to apply to table games, Blackjack is the first game we come to think of. Counting cards has always been a method to try to beat the house, which is more than frowned upon. People get thrown out and banned for stuff like that.

Luckily, online casinos can’t really throw anyone out. Unluckily, they also have countermeasures for proper card counting methods. For rascals like us, that means that we’re back to estimating the next card rather than actually counting them.

Since Blackjack is so simple, most casinos make sure to have a few Blackjack games in their library. It’s a great alternative for those who are tired of the spinning wheels and balls and just want to focus on a handful of cards instead. The betting is very simple, and the live Blackjack games are just as nice as the Live Roulette games.

Online slots

The most played type of online casino game is hands down the slots machines. They are easy to operate, come in a myriad of different themes, and have cool lights and sounds when the reels spin. It’s hard not to enjoy them, to be honest.

We think it’s safe to say that all online casinos worthy of the name have a lot of slots and slot games. Some are banking on more than 1000 slots and slot games from the best software providers in the world. Slots are good if players want to get their daily dose of not-doing-too-much casino gameplay. The pay-out is usually not great, but there are a lot of small wins to be made, and that is more than enough incentive for us.